Radyne offers downloadable resources for the convenience of our customers. Standard forms can be found below. We offer access to induction handbooks and posters for reference use. Print copies of posters, brochures, and catalogs are available on request. Get in touch with us using the request information form.


Product booklets and brochures are available for download for your convenience. Featuring a comprehensive look at Radyne product lines, capabilities, or services, these booklets are presented in a concise format for easy reference. To learn more about the topics in these booklets, or to request print copies of these booklets, get in touch with us.


Radyne provides standard forms for your use.

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For your convenience, Radyne provides desktop backgrounds for Windows and Mac.

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For your convenience, Radyne offers signage and graphics files for digital or print that provide quick reference of common tables for your laboratory or shop floor.

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Radyne stocks reference resources and handbooks for learning the basics of induction heating. These books offer access to an in-depth look at the fundamental principles of induction heating beyond the concepts covered in the basics of induction heating section of this website. Ranging from the basics of induction and the theory behind the mechanics of induction to advanced concepts and phenomena critical to understanding the nuance of induction, these books are perfect for learning and understanding the foundation of induction heating.

  • Basics of Induction Heating by Chester Tudbury (paperback)

Additionally, Radyne supplies a list of other recommended reference materials and handbooks regarding the basics of induction heating and its application.

  • Handbook of Induction Heating by Valery Rudnev, Don Loveless, Raymond Cook and Micah Black (800-page hardcover)
  • Elements of Induction Heating by Zinn and Semiatin
  • Induction Heat Treatment of Steel by Semiatin and Stutz
  • Induction Heating Handbook by Davis and Simpson
  • Induction Heating for Forging by FIA Plant Engineering Committee. Contact the Forging Industry Association at www.forging.org