Induction Brazing Equipment and Processes

Induction Brazing and Soldering

Radyne Induction heating systems are value-added systems that can fit directly into the manufacturing cell, reducing scrap, waste, and without the need for torches and, in many cases, replace the need for torches. The systems can be configured for manual control, semi-automated, and all the way up to fully automated systems. Radyne Induction brazing and soldering systems repeatedly provide clean, leak-free joints for a wide range of parts including fuel lines, heat exchangers, gas distributors, manifolds, carbide tooling, and more (See What is Brazing and Soldering).

Induction heating has proven to be a valuable aid in the joining process for many reasons. Rapid heading and precise heat control offers the possibility of localized heating of high strength components without significantly changing the material properties.  It also allows for the brazing of difficult materials such as aluminum and sequential, multi-alloy brazing and soldering of close proximity joints.

Induction heating in brazing and soldering applications is readily adaptable to production line methods, permitting strategic arrangement of the equipment in an assembly line, and if necessary, heating by remote control. Frequently, induction brazing and soldering permits a reduction in the required number of part fixtures, with the minimal heating of the fixtures increasing life span and maintaining accuracy in alignment of the components to be joined. Since operators need not guide the induction heating source, both hands are left free to prepare assemblies for joining.

Radyne induction brazing equipment delivers quality, consistency, configurable throughput, and quick change-over tooling for various production needs. The Radyne induction brazing and soldering product line offers standard solutions for brazing:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbide
  • And more…

Brazing and Soldering Equipment

Rotor Brazing System

Rotor Brazing System

Configurable to braze a multitude of parts concentric to one another.

Radyne InductoVise

InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction Heating System

Combines the speed, quality, precision and repeatability of induction heating with the flexibility to easily accommodate a large variety of parts, sizes and processes.

Voyager Mini™ portable hand-held induction heating system

Radyne’s innovative new Voyager Mini™ portable hand-held induction brazing system is designed for use in tight spaces.

ScanMaster Induction Brazing System

The ScanMaster induction scanner is a high-performance induction scanning system able to accommodate heat treating for a wide variety of part weights and lengths. 

Controlled Atmosphere Induction Brazing Systems

Special environments have been used increasingly for joining components by induction brazing. The use of reducing atmospheres or vacuums is required in the production of brazed assemblies that rely on controlled atmospheres to prevent the formation of oxides during heating.

Radyne Fluid Tube Brazing System

Fluid and Fuel Tube Brazing Systems

Low cost, fast controlled atmosphere brazing for fuel, liquid, and gas fluid routing solutions.

Radyne Rotary Brazing System modular

Rotary Brazing Systems

Standard modular assemblies for maximum part adaptability.

Radyne Carbide Brazing System

Carbide Brazing Systems

Deliver unmatched quality with a built in controlled atmosphere pneumatic press chamber.

brazing equipment

Tube Brazing Systems

Reliable equipment starts with a strong foundation.