Induction Brazing

Brazing with Induction

Induction technology has proven to be valuable in the brazing process for many reasons. Firstly, rapid heading and precise heat control allow localized heating of components without significantly changing the material properties.  Also, It allows for the brazing of materials such as aluminum and sequential, multi-alloy brazing, and soldering of close proximity joints.

Induction brazing is versatile and adaptable to unique production lines. As a result of our modular design philosophy, our equipment allows for the strategic arrangement of your facility. Induction brazing equipment simplifies the process of part fixturing which frees up operators’ hands and increases equipment lifespan.

Radyne offers a full line of cutting-edge Induction Brazing Equipment ready to integrate into your production line. Radyne Induction brazing systems eliminate flame from your production facility which reduces costs, creates a higher-quality braze joint, and improves safety. The systems can be configured for manual control or pre-programmed recipes. As a result, this increases repeatability and reduces operator training requirements. Radyne Induction brazing and soldering systems repeatedly provide clean, leak-free joints for a wide range of parts including fuel lines, heat exchangers, gas distributors, manifolds, carbide tooling, and more (See What is Brazing and Soldering). 

Controlled Atmosphere Induction Brazing Systems

Special environments have been used increasingly for joining components by induction brazing. The use of reducing atmospheres or vacuums is required in the production of brazed assemblies that rely on controlled atmospheres to prevent the formation of oxides during heating. Radyne is able to option controlled atmosphere chambers for almost all of our brazing equipment.