Preventative Maintenance

Radyne understands how unscheduled downtime can impede production and have significant negative impacts on your bottom line. The most common cause of unscheduled downtime in induction equipment is the premature failure of components caused by improper maintenance. Luckily, this problem is easily averted by performing preventative maintenance measures at the recommended intervals.

Radyne provides recommended maintenance practices with all of our products that, when followed as closely as possible, will increase your machine’s reliability and extend its service life substantially. In addition, Radyne keeps a supply of parts and supplies commonly needed for maintenance purposes to supply to our customers with short lead times. In the event that Radyne does not have an item in stock, we can also help you source the item from another supplier.

In Addition to recommending maintenance practices, Radyne also offers subscription packages for customers who prefer to have their equipment routinely serviced by an expert engineer.

The Silver Package Our Silver Package offers an annual subscription that allows upgrades to your VersaPower® Xtreme™ or TFD induction power supply firmware. It also includes a Digital-iQ™ manager software license which allows you to control and monitor multiple VersaPower® Xtreme™ or TFD induction power supplies, simultaneously. You can also create, edit, manage and load recipes to any supported induction power supply in your facility from one location and toggle between multiple production lines to monitor real-time feedback values.

The Gold Package Our Gold Package offers an annual subscription that includes everything in the silver package, plus a few new benefits. The Gold Package features our rapid shipment program that provides access to a loaner induction power supply in the event of downtime for use while your induction power supply is being repaired.

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