BrazePress™ – Controlled Atmosphere Brazing System

Radyne BrazePress™ – Carbide Brazing System delivers unmatched quality, repeatability, throughput, and safety that can not be achieved with flame brazing systems or handheld induction systems. Then BrazePress™ induction brazing system has a built-in controlled atmosphere pneumatic press chamber capable of up to 1100 lb. [498 kg].

Induction Carbide Brazing, as opposed to batch heating, provides for better quality and higher energy efficiency, as it focuses the energy on the braze joint alone, rather than heating the entire part. Radyne’s patent-pending fluxless induction brazing technology is integrated into systems used by the world’s leading automotive and aerospace suppliers to braze fittings to fuel lines and rails; setting the standard for high quality, lean production cells.


Radyne Corporation

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  • Controlled atmosphere
  • Pneumatic pressure capabilities of 1100 lbs [498 kg]
  • Quick disconnect coil interchange
  • PID control loop with pyrometer temperature feedback
  • Incremental temperature set points to assure even heating

Tech Specs

Carbide Brazing Systems
Temp Range Ambient 70 F [21 C] – 2192 F [1200 C]
Pneumatic Pressure Up to 1100 lbs [498 kg]
Power Output 25-50 kW
Frequency Range 20-80 kHz
Max Duty Cycle 100%