Coil Repairs

A well-designed, industrial-grade Induction Coil can last up to 30 times longer depending upon the application, care and environment than a budget coil and can make the difference between compliant and non-compliant parts. Don’t use those who take the shortcuts and use inferior materials. Successful induction heating largely depends on the design and quality of the inductor and quench head that will give the desired profile. Just like other components from a system, coils need infrequent maintenance from normal wear and tear. In the event of damage, Radyne can perform coil repairs.

The IPEC team also provides full support and service for coil repairs, rebuilding, and maintenance, regardless of the coil manufacturer. Radyne’s recently expanded coil department is ready to serve all of your coil fabrication and refurbishment needs. From single turn brazing, multi-turn wire heating through to large billet and pipe heating coils, Radyne has you covered.

Inductor Express Service:

  • Coil repairs & maintenance
  • Inductor-quench combinations
  • Emergency pick up and drop off service
  • Replacement inductors for various styles
  • Inductor coatings & poured mold inductors
  • Quality control prior to release “ship”
  • Customer coil stocking for rapid delivery

Contact us about coil repairs, refurbishment, or to purchase spare coils..

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Before and After
Before and After
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