Applications Engineering Consultation

As part of Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center, Radyne staffs a team of applications engineers dedicated to designing a process that matches your specific application. With specialists in wire, stainless steel, aluminum brazing, and shrink fitting, Radyne has the experience and manpower to tackle the most challenging heating profiles.

Our team of applications engineering specialists is available for consultation. After you contact us, we’ll send an expert to review your specifications and needs. From here, our engineers either provide a standard solution or custom tailored equipment to your specifications, and design a the methodology to achieve your specific heating profile. Leverage Radyne’s applications engineering team and put us to work reviewing your application.

Process Development & Metallurgical Lab:

  • Process consulting & optimization
  • 3D electromagnet & thermal modeling to predict and optimize induction performance and quench profiles
  • Inductor development & redesigning
  • Inductor construction (2D/3D)
  • Building & testing of inductor prototypes
  • Vacuum and Controlled Atmosphere Induction Processes
  • Precise Induction Heating and Hardening profiles

Contact us about Applications Engineering Consultation.