Voyager® Hand-Held Induction Heating System

Revolutionize Your Workspace with the Voyager™ Handheld Induction Heating System

Introducing Radyne’s groundbreaking Voyager™ handheld induction heating system, a versatile solution that bridges the gap between traditional gas torches and advanced induction technology. This portable system is perfect for confined spaces and offers unparalleled efficiency and safety.

Put Out The Flame

  • Eliminate workplace hazards associated with torches and open flames
  • Enhance operator safety and reduce training demands
  • Ditch the hassle of managing, transporting, and refilling gas cylinders
  • Bid farewell to Carbon Monoxide (CO) venting requirements
  • Achieve impeccable finishes without compromising parts

The Power of Mobility

  • Extend the reach of induction heating to “hard-to-access” zones
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Choose between mobile or benchtop configurations
  • Opt for an integrated chiller system for utmost flexibility – just add power
  • Ideal for applications in confined spaces




Control You Can Count On

  • Ensure repeatability with user-friendly programmable heating presets
  • Effortless operation with integrated trigger (optional footswitch available)
  • Adjustable power settings for precision outcomes
  • Tailor-made inductors – Choose from standard or custom options

Boost Efficiency

  • Direct material heating through induction technology reduces energy consumption
  • Achieve faster, consistent, and superior quality braze joints compared to flame torches


Versatile Voyager™ Line

The Voyager™ product range offers unparalleled versatility.

  • Precision Brazing
    • Voyager™ products are ideal for brazing tasks. They pack enough power to hit the necessary temperatures and can easily access tight spots on bigger, less movable assemblies.
  • Advanced Soldering
    • Soldering needs careful heat control to prevent harming delicate parts. Voyager™ products offer unparalleled power control, allowing precise adjustments to power usage and direction.
  • Shrink Fitting
    • Voyager™ products work for on-site shrink-fitting, even reversing the process. This is particularly handy for large parts tough to take out for furnace or fixed induction coil placement.
  • Weld Stress Relieving
    • Voyager™ products help with targeted stress relief in welded areas. This can be a manual process or done by attaching the unit to a robotic system.
  • Rapid Curing
    • Voyager™ products rapidly cure coatings on conductive surfaces by heating the underlying surface.
  • Fast Drying
    • Voyager™ products dry conductive surfaces by heating the base material above the liquid’s vaporization point, eliminating residual liquids.
  • Wire Stripping
    • Voyager™ products are handy for removing specific wire coatings. This is achieved by heating the wire to a temperature that damages or burns off the outer coating.

Seamless Integration

With its seamless integration capabilities, Voyager™ stands out as a versatile solution for automation. Whether used as a convenient handheld tool, mounted onto robotic systems for automated processes, or employed in stationary applications, Voyager™ adapts effortlessly to diverse setups. Its flexibility ensures a smooth fit into your specific operational needs, making it a reliable and adaptable choice for various scenarios.

Explore the Voyager™ Mobile Package

The Voyager™ Mobile Package equips you for on-site tasks. Complete with a VersaPower®-Xtreme™ power supply, a Voyager™ Handheld heat station, and a closed-loop cooling system. Choose between a chiller or a water-to-water heat exchanger. With a chiller, a simple power hookup is all you need. Securely mounted on a rolling cart for easy portability.

Upgrade your workspace with the revolutionary Voyager™ handheld induction heating system. Experience safety, efficiency, and precision like never before. Get in touch to learn more.


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  • Flexible leads for easy handling
  • Ergonomic case designed to be easy to hold as well as robot mount
  • Highest power-to-weight ratio of any handheld induction system on the market
Connection Lead Length8 ft8 ft8 ft
Transformer Head length11 in8.8 in6.6 in
Max Power Output (approx.)18 kW13 kW8 kW
Transformer Head Weight (With cooling water)14 lbs10.5 lbs 7 lbs
  • Steady Rest
  • Integrated chiller or heat exchanger
  • Foot Switch
  • tool balancer