Rotary CAS (Casing Annealing System)

The Rotary CAS is a continuously fed induction system designed to anneal brass casings for various ordinance and munition uses. Single or dual feed options are available depending on your production rate needs.

Small Caliber Ammunition Annealing Systems

Each model features a part loading mechanism, vibratory bowl feed system, cam-driven escapement, continuous feed dial indexer, and optional gas quench. Radyne systems support annealing of a variety of brass shell sizes with production rates ranging from 110 – 240+ parts per minute.

 Radyne Small Caliber Ammunition Annealing Systems
  • Full power and heat time control
  • PLC controls with HMI interface and Radyne process monitoring
  • Optional gas quench
  • Integrated quality control for part consistency
  • Configurable automatic part unloading mechanism

Cartridge / Brass Induction Annealing Systems

Radyne provides a range of high throughput, industrial-grade automatic cartridge and jacket brass induction annealing systems that cover calibers from 0.223 to 0.68 at rates up to 240+ppm.

New for 2018 – Improved feed mechanism

Radyne’s new cartridge feeding system is able to individually separate cartridges allowing processing of parts before “heading” without risk of jams or part damage. The Cartridge Annealing System is able to process round bottom parts and anneal closer to the bottom of the part based on our new innovative design.

Low-Impact Material Handling
Radyne Small Caliber Ammunition Annealing Systems

All-in-One Compact Solutions

Radyne offers full turnkey cartridge annealing systems that are ready to run and produce the profile you need when it arrives on your shop floor.

Commercial, Military, Competition Grades
Radyne Small Caliber Ammunition Annealing Systems

Precise. Rapid. Repeatable.

Radyne’s Induction Process Engineering Center offers full turnkey metallurgical analysis of your cartridges and their cold worked state as well as development of the right heating profile to deliver the results you need for the highest quality product.

Repeatable Results
Radyne Small Caliber Ammunition Annealing Systems

Lead Bonding:

Radyne offers induction heating equipment for bullet lead bonding with it’s unique patented super high-efficiency heating you can save tens of thousands per year in energy costs while delivering the highest quality bonds in the industry.


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