Boost Induction Heaters

In recent years, the Boost Induction Heater from Banyard have established themselves as low cost, highly compact induction boost taper heaters for use with either gas or induction pre-heaters.


Radyne Corporation

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Using a servo-controlled billet positioning system to deliver both accuracy and high speed, the “Booster” enables extruders to boost billet temperature, line speed and hence production rates. In addition to this the “Booster” delivers greater control of billet quality by providing linear temperature gradient thus improving  extrusion press productivity and die life. These features result in lower scrap rates  resulting in greater profits and increased market competitiveness for the producer.

Tech Specs

  • Depending on the application and the size of the billets being produced, the induction coil is graded to provide the required fixed taper gradient. The standard taper is 10 deg C per 100mm which is equivalent to 55 deg F per foot with a starting temperature of 350 deg C (662 deg F).