VersaPower®-Xtreme™ Induction Power Supplies

VersaPower®-Xtreme™ induction power supplies are highly versatile, tabletop induction power supplies designed to deliver the power and accuracy needed for small to medium-sized jobs. All VersaPower®-Xtreme™ units come equipped with built-in Digital-iQ™ control firmware that features a full-color display and makes operation easy and straightforward.

Versatile and Powerful

Induction heating applications

VersaPower®-Xtreme™ power supplies are designed to allow manufacturers freedom in how they integrate the unit into their production process. Left and right coil mounting positions allow the power supply to be orientated in a way that is best suited for your workflow and space constraints. Although VersaPower®-Xtreme™ units are compatible with remote heat stations, they do not require one to operate, unlike other power supplies in this segment. This means that the induction coil can be attached directly to the side of the power supply which can save considerable space in some floor layouts. VersaPower®-Xtreme power supplies are available in both high and low-frequency configurations and can handle the most demanding jobs with units ranging from 5kW all the way up to 50kW power output.


All VersaPower®-Xtreme™ power supplies come equipped with built-in Digital-iQ™. Digital-iQ™ is a proprietary control firmware developed by Radyne that is designed to offer maximum control over heat times, power level, current, voltage, and internal system diagnostics. Digital-iQ is really the brain of your power supply, and it comes loaded with helpful features like:

Full-color LCD display

The full-color LCD display shows important information about the power supply such as power, current, voltage, cycle time, and system faults. The screen is controlled with large buttons and a rotary encoder designed to be easy to operate with gloves or other personal protective gear.


The VersaPower system is equipped with a safety detection technology able to automatically disengage the unit in case of hardware failure or hazardous conditions. The emergency stop button and electric breaker are placed in an easily reachable position for secure operation.


Radyne Corporation

211 W Boden St. Milwaukee, WI 53207

  • Phone: (414) 481-8360
  • Toll Free: (800) 236-8360


Connections USB Port
PLC Port
Ethernet Port
Water Drain and Feed Ports
Real Time Digital-iQ™

Operating System

Controller Monitoring
Water Temp In, Out
Coil Return Water Temp
Water Flow Rate
AC Input Current
DC Buss Voltage & Current
Internal Humidity Measurement
Dew point Calculation
Inverter Current and Coil Voltage
Multiple language support
2 GB Storage
Output Dual output power supply
Safety Hardware failure or dangerous condition detection
Emergency stop button & electric breaker
Circuit breaker lockout device
Output covers to seal water ports and electrically insulate live connections
Service & Support 24-7 technical support and service
VersaPower®-Xtreme™ induction power supply training seminars*
Upgrades Up to 8 Capacitors (Small Cabinet Models)
Up to 16 Capacitors (Large Cabinet Models)
External PLC
Warranty 12 month limited warranty
Extended warranty*

*Available for purchase

Tech Specs

Small Cabinet Large Cabinet
5 kW 10 kW 15 kW 25 kW 30kW 40 kW 50 kW
Models Listing 5VXL240


40VXH480P 50VXL480
Frequency High (100-400 kHz) or Low (20-80 kHz)
Line Voltage High (480 VAC) or Low (240 VAC)
Dimensions 16.15D x 20.26W x 16.75H in.
[410.2D x 514.6W x 425.5H mm]
16.15D x 20.26W x 26.13H in.
[410.2D x 514.6W x 663.6H mm]
Weight 68 lbs. 72 lbs. 76 lbs. 100 lbs. 110 lbs. 125 lbs. 140 lbs.


Spare Parts

Item Description
5.00 uF Capacitor 5.00uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
2.40 uF Capacitor 2.40uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
1.20 uF Capacitor 1.20uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
0.66 uF Capacitor 0.66uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
0.33 uF Capacitor 0.33uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
0.21 uF Capacitor 0.21uF capacitor (low frequency models (20-80kHz only)
Output Mount Cover Safety Cover for outputs
Output Mount Hardware Kit Kit Includes: spare stainless steel inductor hardware (screws, washers & lock
washers), output mount nylon hardware an d O-rings.
Tuning Hardware Kit (5 – 15 kW) Kit includes: stainless steel capacitor mounting hardware and
a 5/16″-18 thread x 1″ hex tuning nut
Tuning Hardware Kit (25 – 50 kW) Kit includes: stainless steel capacitor mounting hardware and
a 5/16″-18 thread x 1″ hex tuning nut
Standard External PLC Cable External PLC I/O cable assembly
Item Description
Table-top Mounting Hardware Kit Kit includes: 4-vibration damping sandwich mounts for mounting the power
supply to tabletop surfaces, as well as, assorted hardware for varying surface thicknesses
Customized Output Inductors Pancake, channel, solenoid & MIQ scanning types.
Adapter Paddles Adapter blocks for output inductors, quick disconnects, cable assemblies, etc.
Output Inductor Quick Disconnect Toggle clamping style advantageous for changing output inductors quickly, great
for systems that require multiple Inductor change-outs.
280 A Remote Heat Station Separates workpiece heating from the induction power supply, ideal for power
supplies located in small spaces.
Temperature Paints Indicates temperature during heating process, great for determining specific
recipe settings
Foot Switch Remotely control the induction power supply’s Heat On/Off switch.
External PLC Cables Non-standard external PLC cables in a variety of connector styles & lengths to
any application requirement.
Safety Guarding Provides for a safer operator environment and is customizable to specification.
Chiller Cooling Systems Portable coolant system for mobile induction heating
Controlled Atmosphere
Inductor Tooling Chambers
Prevents oxidation by providing for a contained nitrogen gas mixture induction
heating chamber