Modular Heat Treating System

The Modular Heat Treating System delivers precision, simplicity, ease of maintenance, and reliability in a modular and versatile package.

Radyne and the Inductotherm Group leverages over 60 years of experience in heat treating processes, for hardening, tempering, and annealing, induction systems integration and machine design to support heat treaters worldwide with Modular Heat Treating Systems that deliver precision heating and quenching, rapid change over (reconfiguration to new parts), simplicity of use, ease of maintenance, and industry leading reliability.

Modular Heat Treating Systems Features

Radyne Modular Heat Treating Systems Core System Includes:

  • Power Supply
  • Table Weldment
  • Cooling System

Modular heating components tailored to your part and process may include:

  • Vacuum Hardening Chamber
  • Semi-Automatic Part Handling/Loading
  • Heat staking module
  • Strip heating module


• Foot Switch
• Remote Heat on/off switch
• Light Curtains, Guarding & Safety Switches
• External Heat Stations


Radyne Corporation

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Tech Specs

Power Supply Options:
Power supply output options range from 5-50 kW, Low frequency 20-80 kHz or high frequency 100-400 kHz units. They also include 240 V or 480 V input options up to 25 kW units. For more information regarding our power supplies click here: VX link

Cooling System options:
There are multiple cooling system options that range from 6 gal. reservoirs to 75 gal. Cooling system capacities are sized to the induction power supply and cooling requirements that your part and process needs.

Model: 14304
6 gal. reservoir, 3/4 HP bronze pump up to 5.5 GPM 90 PSI
Model: 14342
15 gal. reservoir, 3 HP stainless pump up to 20 GPM @65 PSI
Model: 14345
30 gal. reservoir, 3 HP stainless pump up to 48G PM 50 PSI
Model: 14251
75 gal. reservoir, 5 HP pump up to 75 GPM @ 62 PSI