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About Us

Radyne has developed unmatched skill and facilities in the field of induction heating in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Radyne maintains a dynamic, integrated, solutions-driven team equipped with the tools essential for rapidly delivering innovative products, services, and engineered solutions.

We are a world-leading manufacturer and pioneer in the development of advanced induction and controlled atmosphere heating equipment. Offering general-purpose to full-turnkey induction systems for almost every industry sector, we provide our customers with quality products, industry expertise, process engineering, induction equipment, inductor and induction tooling design and development, and 24/7 service and support in one location.

Located in Milwaukee, Wis., we maintain a philosophy of thinking locally and acting globally. As part of the Inductotherm Group, Radyne customers have unique access to a strong global network of manufacturing and service facilities, along with a full range of engineering, installation and repair services.

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History of Radyne

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Radyne was born in 1946 as Radio Heaters shortly after World War II in Wokingham, England, by Mr. Stanley and Mr. Tibbs. While working to develop the very first radar systems during the war, they realized that the high frequency radio waves were able to heat metals without contacting them. They had discovered the benefits of a cleaner, more compact, more flexible and more controllable heating process by utilizing high frequency radio waves for the purposes of heating metals and plastics. Shortly afterward they combined RAD from Radio and DYNE as a unit of force to form RADYNE Limited in the UK. In the 1980s Radyne purchased AKO Corp. in WI and moved its headquarters to the USA. Today Radyne provides products and services from its Milwaukee facilities and through its affiliated Inductotherm Group Companies Worldwide.

From its origins Radyne developed specialist expertise in hardening, tempering, and annealing, extrusion, metal forging, joining by soldering, brazing, shrink fitting, heat staking and welding as well as many special processes for a wide range of applications including coating for anti-corrosion, fiber optics, brazing, ammunition bonding, hardening of shells, cartridge annealing, wire bright and dull annealing, wire hardening and tempering for spring wire, hydronic valve soldering, hardening of caterpillar links, shafts, bearings, races, brazing of manifolds, fuel rails, fuel lines, extrusion of titanium, stainless, billet piercing, composite curing and many others. Depend on Radyne and experience our dedication, innovation and value.

Our Products & Services:

  • Induction Heating Equipment
  • Inductor Design and Fabrication
  • Induction Process Engineering Center
  • 24/7 Service and Support

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About Us Booklet
Radyne About Us Booklet

With over 70+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of advanced induction equipment for a variety of applications Radyne is your go-to resource for Induction Heating, Brazing, Annealing, Shrink Fitting, Heat Staking Pipe Coating, Pipe Heating Soldering, Tempering, Wire/Rod/Cable/Tube Processing, and Custom Applications. Whether the requirement is for a standalone manufacturing cell, or a fully integrated process line, our product range provides both standard equipment and custom engineered solutions.

We offer manual, semi-, or fully-automated systems with standard machines for a wide variety of induction heating applications and custom engineered equipment to move parts seamlessly in your production environment.

Radyne systems are built for performance, flexibility and durability for long-life. As business changes over time, our standardized components can be reconfigured to match future production needs.

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Get cutting-edge technology

Radyne VersaPower Xtreme

Our technological advances include standardized, modular (able to perform various heat treating applications) induction heating equipment with advanced communication, control, and programming features in multiple power and frequency ranges. Control options include PC HMI, PLC, and Ethernet interface.

Our latest innovation, the VersaPower®-Xtreme™ induction power supply, is a highly versatile tabletop induction power supply equipped with Radyne’s intuitive Digital-iQ™ controller technology. The technology offers virtually unlimited storage capabilities and allows the unit to ramp from 0-100% of rated power in as low as 500 microseconds to deliver extreme accuracy.

The Quality Assurance System 2000 (QAS 2000) is available on all Radyne equipment to ensure production quality and to assist in increasing efficiency of our customers’ operation. The QAS 2000 offers real-time process monitoring against process limits such as induction heating power generator outputs, scan speed, quench parameters, part temperature and more.