Radyne Products


Versatile lift-and-rotate induction system


State of the art induction scanners

Radyne ScanMaster 44 induction scanner


Compact and powerful handheld induction systems

Power Supplies


Table-top induction power supplies

Radyne Versapower Xtreme Induction Power Supply


induction power supplies

Rotary Induction Machines

Rotary CAS (casing annealing system)

continuously fed induction system designed to anneal brass casings for various ordinance and munition uses

Rotary FHS (fastener hardening system)

Continuously fed induction systems for heat treating fasteners

Radyne Fastener Heat Treat Systems

Automated Brazing Systems

Large Tube Brazing Workstation

High-powered induction brazing system with “clam-shell” coils designed to braze large diameter and thick walled pipes and tubes

Large Tube Brazing System

Multi-Tube Brazing System

Multi-up induction brazing system designed to braze multiple different types of parts without tooling changeovers.

brazing equipment

Fluid and Fuel Tube Brazing System

Automatically and cleanly braze saddle joints in a controlled atmosphere.

Radyne Fluid Fuel Tube Brazing Systems

Rotor Brazing System

Evenly heat large concentric rings for brazing on stators, rotors, or other large electric motor components

Rotor Brazing System No Background

Software & Controls


Direct temperature control package that allows a pyrometer to interface with your power supply to hold a temperature

Thermal Control Package Pyrometer

Radyne QAS

Advanced quality assurance software that can track up to 16 inputs to detect process variations

Digital IQ

Digital power supply control firmware. Available in desktop version for controlling multiple power supplies


Adjustable induction heating system

Radyne Inductovise Adjustable Induction Heating System

Bar End Heating System

System for heating the ends of bars or other metal stock for forging

Radyne Bar End Heating Systems

Wire Pipe & Tube Systems

Billet Heating Systems