InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction System

Radyne’s patented InductoVise™ adjustable induction system combines the speed, quality, precision and repeatability of induction heating with the flexibility to easily accommodate a large variety of parts, sizes and processes. It is perfect for applications such as  brazing, soldering blacksmithing, forging and heat treating, including hardening and tempering.

This adjustable induction heating system provides the freedom to heat single parts or batches of different sized parts without costly and time consuming changeovers. The InductoVise™ standalone package includes a VersaPower®-Xtreme™ power supply, InductoVise™ adjustable coil, foot switch and closed–loop cooling unit mounted on a compact and mobile table-top stand.

Flexibility & Efficiency

The revolutionary design of the InductoVise™ system offers a production-friendly approach to heating a wide variety of parts for multiple applications. This cost effective solution eliminates the need for multiple induction coils and can be manually adjusted to an infinite range of openings.

With Radyne’s InductoVise™, an operator can heat sub-assemblies while simply holding the part in place, or clamp the assembly to a fixture for hands-free operation.

InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction Heating System Overview

Radyne’s InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction Heating System comes with the equipment needed to get working today.

At its core, the InductoVise™ system is powered by Radyne’s state-of-the art VersaPower®-Xtreme™ induction power supply. This unit has a fully adjustable digital power output range from 0-10 kW. The system includes our standard 6 GPM water to water cooling system (or optional chiller for greater mobility and/or when cooled supply water is unavailable) — all built on a robust mobile workstation with locking castors and a foot switch for remote starting and stopping. This standalone system was developed for easy set-up and mobility using a single 480V power connection and water feed/drain connection.

Radyne’s new InductoVise™ adjustable induction heating system will help increase your flexibility, streamline your processes and improve your quality.

InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction Heating System Features

Radyne Inductovise Adjustable Induction Heating System
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dedicated coils
  • Used with fixtures for hands free operation or with operator holding the part
  • VersaPower® Xtreme™ equipped with intuitive high speed Digital iQ™ control platform
  • Coil opening adjustable up to 7 inches
  • Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Built in distance gauge for precise and repeatable results
  • Minimizes costly change over time
  • Easy setup and mobility with a single 480V power connection
  • Increase production flexibility
  • Repeatable with standard heating recipes or footswitch operation

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  • InductoVise™ Adjustable Induction Heater
  • VersaPower® Xtreme™ Power Supply
  • Closed Loop Cooling System
  • Power & Water Cables
  • Footswitch
  • Mounted on a Compact & Mobile Table Top Stand
  • Manuals