VersaTemp – Thermal Control Package

The Thermal Control Package allows Radyne power supplies to directly interface with a pyrometer to collect temperature data. The power supply can then use this data in real-time to adjust its power output and achieve a desired temperature and heat time specified by the operator or pre-programmed recipe.

The Easiest Way to do Induction

The Thermal Control Package eliminates the need for trial and error testing when setting up your power supply to run a new part. New recipes can be created simply by setting the target temperature and heating time. The power supply will use the readout from the pyrometer to automatically calculate and modulate the power level in order to achieve that target.

Thermal Control Unit Box

Perfect for Teaching and Instruction

The Thermal Control Package makes it easy to visualize the relationship between power, temperature, and heat time. It can also be a fantastic tool for demonstrating how materials with different properties react in an induction field.

Annealing and Stress Reliving

The processes of annealing and stress reliving often require highly precise heating and holding times and temperatures in order to achieve a high-quality product.  The Thermal Control Package is able to heat and hold a temperature within 5 ̊F of accuracy for as long as the power supply can run continuously.


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  • Allows a pyrometer to directly communicate with the power supply
  • Enables the creation of pre-programmed recipes based on target temperature and heat time
  • Can hold a temperature to within 5°F of the target temperature
  • Can be paired with any Radyne induction power supply