Voyager™ Hand-held Induction System

Get Off The Bench

Radyne’s innovative new Voyager™ portable hand-held induction heating system bridges the gap between gas torches and induction technology. These systems are ideal for use in tight spaces.

Put Out The Flame

  • Remove torches and open flames from the workplace
  • Improve operator safety and reduce training requirements
  • No more inventorying, moving, or paying for gas cylinders
  • Eliminate the need for Carbon Monoxide (CO) venting
  • Achieve a superior finish without part sooting

The Power of Mobility

  • Provide the power of induction to “hard-to-reach” areas
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Mobile or Benchtop Configurations
  • Available with an integrated chiller system for maximum flexibility – just add power
  • Great for confined space applications

Control You Can Count On

  • Repeatability with easily programmable heating recipes
  • The integrated trigger for ease of use (optional footswitch)
  • Adjustable power levels for precise results
  • Standard or custom inductors are available

Improve Efficiency

  • Induction technology heats the material directly, reducing the energy required to achieve desirable results.
  • Produce faster, more consistent, and higher quality braze joints than what is possible with a flame torch.

The Right Size Tool for the Job

Voyager™ Micro: Our smallest and most lightweight model
Voyager™ Mini: For big jobs that require lots of power


The Voyager™ product line is extremely versatile.

  • Brazing
    • Voyager™ products are perfect for brazing operations because they are both powerful enough to achieve the required temperatures for brazing and mobile enough to reach hard-to-reach areas on larger assemblies that are not easily moved.
  • Soldering
    • Soldering requires precise control of heat and temperature to avoid damaging delicate parts. Voyager™ products provide unmatched control of how much power is used and where that power is directed.
  • Shrink Fitting
    • Voyager™ products can be used to perform or reverse the shrink-fitting process in on-site applications. this can be especially useful for large parts that are not easily removed from an assembly to be placed in a furnace or stationary induction coil.
  • Weld Stress Relieving
    • Voyager™ products can be used to selectively stress relieve the welded areas of components. This can be done by hand, or by mounting the unit to a robotic system.
  • Curing
    • Voyager™ products can be used to quickly cure coatings applied over electrically conductive surfaces by heating up the surface below.
  • Drying
    • Voyager™ products can be used to dry electrically conductive surfaces of residual liquids by heating the base surface to a temperature greater than the vaporization point of the liquid.
  • Wire Stripping
    • Voyager™ products can be utilized for stripping certain coatings from wires. This works by heating the wire to a temperature at which the outer coating is damaged or burned off.
  • Bolt Busting

Voyager™ products are also perfect for integration with automation. The ergonomic shape of the housing makes it ideal for hand-holding as well as robot mounting and stationary mounting.

Voyager™ Mobile Package

The Voyager™ Mobile Package comes with everything you need to bring your workstation to the job. The system features a VersaPower®-Xtreme™ power supply, a Voyager™ Hand-held heat station, and a closed-loop cooling system. For the cooling system, the mobile package is offered with either a chiller or a water-to-water heat exchanger. When equipped with a chiller, the Voyager™ Mobile Package only requires a power hookup to run. The entire system is mounted securely on a rolling cart for easy movement. 

The Voyager Mobile Package with water-to-water cooling system

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