ScanMaster® 120 Induction Scanner

The ScanMaster® 120 induction scanner is designed to accommodate parts up to 120 inches in length. It includes the scanner assembly, a power supply, inductors, standard guarding with safety light curtains, ScanMaster® controls and a configurable water/quench cooling system.

ScanMaster® induction scanner components can be incorporated together or separately to meet specific needs, and can be easily adapted for use with external material handling units, such as a pick-and-place, linear transfer, clamp transfer and more.

Our user friendly control system simultaneously controls scan speeds (0-6 in. [152.4 mm] per second), rotation speeds (0-60 rpm), heat levels, heat times, quench times, quench temperature, time delays, and six additional user custom digital outputs.


Radyne Corporation

211 W Boden St. Milwaukee, WI 53207

  • Phone: (414) 481-8360
  • Toll Free: (800) 236-8360


  • Single Spindle
  • Built-in quench tank
  • Movable Upper Center Spindle for quick and easy changeovers
  • Self-contained system easily integrated into work cell
  • Different power ratings and frequency ranges available for application-matched precision hardening
  • User-friendly controls simplify set-up, changeover, and diagnostics
  • Flexible work piece capacity
  • Simple utility connection for fast, low cost installation
  • Optional QAS 2000 Monitoring and Alerting System which provides process monitoring and traceability for each part processed

Tech Specs

ScanMaster® 120 Induction Scanner
Scan Length120 in. [304 cm]
SpindlesSingle Spindle (3-Jaw Chuck)
Rotation Speed0-60 RPM
Maximum Payload5000 lbs.
Single Part Diameter30 in. [762 mm]
Dimensions186W x 104D x 180H in. [472W x 264D x 457H cm] (210H in. [533 cm] Fully Raised)
Operator InterfaceTouchscreen Controls Package
Quench Tank1600 gal./400 GPM [6056 L/1514 LPM]
Quench @ 50% Duty Cycle600 kW

Additional Add-ons

  • Quick Disconnect – Quick change tooling for coil mounting
  • Robotics and Material Handling Integration, i.e. integrated bowl feeders, rotary tables, step feeders, conveyors, or 6 axis robotic arm
  • QAS 2000 Quality Assurance System
  • Pyrometer Sensor
  • Chillers
  • Automatic/Semi-automatic part handling modules
  • Auxilary quench tank and pump

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