FlexScan® 12

FlexScan® 12 Induction Pop-Up Scanner

The FlexScan® 12 is the most popular of Radyne’s FlexScan® line of pop-up Scanners. FlexScan® 12 is ideal for heat-treating and brazing small to medium-sized parts, and features a “pop-up” design that makes handloading and material handling integration incredibly easy. The operator interface features a full-color HMI with embedded controls.

Radyne uses a modular design philosophy. This means that the FlexScan® 12 base can be paired with a number of different power supplies, guarding, safety equipment, tooling, software, and optional equipment such as extra filtration, reserve quench tanks, robotic integration, and additional sensors. This modular design allows for easy maintenance and diagnostics by offering compatibility with multiple different parts suppliers. This means that brands for pumps, servos, sensors, and all other parts of the FlexScan® system can be mixed and matched depending on what is most readily available at the time. This is especially pertinent when combating supply chain shortages.



Radyne Corporation

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  • Phone: (414) 481-8360
  • Toll Free: (800) 236-8360

Included Technology, Hardware, and Features

  • Digital iQ control firmware
  • Virtually unlimited recipe storage
  • Compatible VersaPower-Xtreme or TFD Power Supply
  • Custom Induction Coils
  • Dual or Single Spindles
  • Stainless Steel Quench Tank
  • Severe Duty Pumps
  • Compact Footprint
  • Water-to-Water heat exchanger or Water-to-Air Chiller
  • Remote Safety Lockout Points and E-stops


Tech Specs

FlexScan 12Single SpindleDual Spindle
Scan Length12 in. [30 cm]
Scan Speed3.5 in. per second
Rotation Speed0-185 RPM
Weight Capacity75 lbs. [34kg] per spindle
Maximum Part Diameter12 in. [304mm]6 in. [152 mm]
Quench Tank Capacity35 gal. [132 L]
Quench Flow Rate20 GMP [75 LPM]
ControlsHMI interface with Radyne Digital-iQ firmware

Optional Add-Ons

  • ScanMaster (MOTUS) Controls Package – Increased control and ease of recipe creation.
  • Radyne QAS (Quality Assurance System) – Monitor up to 16 different sensors to ensure quality standards are being met and recorded for auditing.
  • Dual Quench Filtration – Allows quench flow to be diverted to a secondary filter to continue operation while the first is being replaced.
  • Quench Level Monitor – Ensure quench levels remain consistent.
  • Quench Concentration Monitor – Ensure quench polymer concentration remains consistent.
  • Coil ID Technology – Ensures that the correct tooling is installed for the recipe that is being run so that damage is not incurred by a collision.
  • Quench Pre-Heat – Avoids downtime waiting for quench to reach operating temperature at the beginning of the shift.

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