Induction Heating Equipment for Munitions Industry

Munitions Industry Benefits with Induction Heating

Radyne offers many fully integrated induction heating systems for the production of munitions which are utilized by both the military and commercial munitions industries. Radyne bonding and annealing systems are used to make bullets for our Law Enforcement, Military, and for the Hunting and Shooting Enthusiast. Radyne has a well-established history of designing induction heating equipment that is used for heat-treating and forming shells to create specialized fragmentation patterns, penetrating characteristics, and for developing precise annealing solutions to create an ordinance that exhibits the highest level of performance uniformity.

To ensure high performance, components require specialized thermal processing, Soldering, Brazing, and Shrink Fitting solutions. Quality parts emerge from quality ideas and efforts. Radyne offers a partnership approach from process development of your part design, through machine design, manufacturing, and installation.

Munitions parts That Need Heat Treating

  • Bullet Jackets
  • Cups
  • Cartridges
  • Shells Casings
  • Gun and Rifle Barrels
  • Receivers
  • Firing Mechanisms

Induction Heating Systems for Producing

  • Forming/Nosing Systems
  • Lead Soldering Systems for Bullets
  • Brazing Systems for Ordinance Assembly
  • Cartridge Annealing Systems
  • Weld Annealing for Large Shells

Induction Heating on Popular Ammunition Sizes

  • 50 Cal
  • 5.56mm/0.223″
  • 9mm
  • 7.62mm/0.308″

Radyne offers custom, full turnkey induction heating equipment and solutions for a wide variety of parts and materials for the munitions industry. Radyne has experience heating munitions parts ranging from 5.56mm ~ 105mm. Radyne holds licenses in FFL and ITAR.