Induction Annealing Equipment and Processes

Induction Annealing

Radyne induction annealing equipment is ideal for achieving high quality, consistent results. We offer pre-fab and turn-key systems for applications spanning from ammunition annealing to wire & cable processing. Our expert design and process development team can help customize systems to fit your production facility.

Radyne offers ferrous and non-ferrous controlled processing equipment. Our equipment is capable of full induction annealing, process annealing, or stress relieving depending on the material and application requirements. Induction annealing offers a number of key advantages over flame. These include localized heating, easily controlled atmosphere, possible elimination of controlled atmosphere requirement, and rapid heating. This allows Radyne induction annealing equipment to maximize your production rate, streamline your processes, and increase energy efficiency.

Induction annealing is often accomplished without a controlled atmosphere. This is possible since induction heating typically requires only seconds. Even so, neutral or reduction atmospheres can be easily integrated when required by heating in a controlled atmosphere chamber.

Induction heating can be done very rapidly. This allows processes to take place in a confined space. Induction coils for annealing are generally very short compared to furnaces or infrared tunnels. This is particularly pertinent in continuous heating operations where induction heating may facilitate plant layouts and save considerable floor space.

Automatic processing can be incorporated by the use of work handling fixtures such as indexing turntables, conveyors, or magazine feeds.

Localized Induction Annealing

Local heating facilitates further forming without the loss of strength from work hardening in the part as a whole. Particularly advantageous in parts which require maximum strength in service, strict control of the annealed zone is used to avoid loss of yield and tensile strength from previous work hardening in most of the part. This restores localized ductility in the area to be further formed.

small caliber ammunition system

Munitions/Ammunition Systems

Quality induction processing equipment for annealing brass cartridges and other firearms and ammunition manufacturing applications.

FlexScan Scanners

The technology of choice for accuracy and rapid heating

Continuous Induction Annealing

Continuous annealing has proven very effective for processing tube, wire, strips, and extrusions. Able to be integrated in inline solutions, Radyne supplies complete systems for continuous annealing. When a controlled atmosphere is required, a quartz tube can be used to create a chamber permeable by induction.

Continuous Induction Annealing

Bright Annealing Tube Line

Radyne’s Tube Bright Annealing Line fits directly in-line with today’s high-speed drawing and welding lines.

Tube Dull Annealing Line

The Radyne Tube Dull Annealing Line is designed for ease of use, easy maintenance, and speed. 

Bright Annealing Wire Line whole system overview

Bright Annealing Wire Line

Radyne’s Bright Annealing Wire Line fits directly inline with today’s high speed drawing and rolling lines, making them the preferred choice for lean, agile manufacturing.