Pipe Coating

Modern technology has placed increased emphasis on coatings corrosion protection, electrical characteristics, thermal properties, appearance, and other special properties. Such coatings have included simple lacquers and paints, plastics, ceramics, metals, and various chemical conversion coatings. Induction heating has found increased application for coatings which must be ‘cured’ or ‘dried’ rapidly. Induction is suitable for either for drying pipe after alkaline cleaning and rinsing, or for curing coating applied to the surface.

Induction heating is particularly applicable to high-speed continuous coating lines. Since heating occurs directly in the pipe or wire as it passes through an induction coil, the wire or strip is heated almost instantaneously to a controlled temperature. This allows a short heating zone for processing, saving space and preventing problems associated with a shutdown in the processing line, such as excess heating of the wire coating from residual heat. Integration of an induction heating operation with a production line is simple because of instantaneous heat control and ease of transporting the wire though the short induction coil.

Merlin Coating Systems

Renowned across the gas and pipe processing industries, Radyne Pipe and Tube Coating Systems are globally acknowledged for their ability to provide the highest levels of quality and performance in pipe coating, heat treatment and preparation applications. Radyne offshore systems revolve around field joint processing, with a series of induction systems utilised for heating and coating of field joints on pipe laying vessels.

Radyne Containerized Offshore Pipe Heater
Containerized Offshore Pipe Heater
MERLIN Field Joint Heating Coating
Field Joint Heating & Coating
Radyne Offshore Clam Coil
Offshore Clam Coil

Offline Pipe and Tube Coating Systems

Onshore based applications include tube bright annealing, line pipe preheating prior to coating, and pipe-end heating.

Radyne Line Pipe Heating System
Line Pipe Heating System