Tube Brazing Systems

Radyne Tube Brazing delivers multiple brazed parts in a fraction of the time using traditional brazing practices. Some of the defining functions of this brazing system are the quick repeatable process, equal heating, and quenching for each part results in significant improvement in inefficiency. The Tube Brazing System is equipped with a timed delay quench and water control. Allowing users to pick the appreciated temperature to cool off brazed metal.
The system is powered by a 75TFD power supply with a transfer switch. What makes this combination special is applying the power either to the left side or the right side of the unit, turning the tube brazing systems into two heating stations, providing double the output. The system is controlled by an HMI in front of the system. The HMI allows the user to select auto mode or manual mode, control the quench, fault resets, and set up.


Radyne Corporation

211 W Boden St. Milwaukee, WI 53207

  • Phone: (414) 481-8360
  • Toll Free: (800) 236-8360


  • Brazed between 10 parts once
  • Controlled quench
  • Quick disconnect coil interchange
  • TFD transfer switch
  • Can braze, harden, heat treat, and scan

Tech Specs

Tube Brazing Systems
Temp Range Ambient 70 F [21 C] – 2192 F [1200 C]
Power Output 25-50 kW
Frequency Range 20-80 kHz
Max Duty Cycle 100%