Radyne products harness experience that covers the ever-increasing range of complexity, new materials, and closer tolerances demanded by the worlds’ most advanced component manufacturers.

We offer manual, semi, or fully automated systems, standard machines for a wide variety of induction heating applications, and custom-engineered equipment to move parts seamlessly in your production environment. Radyne products are built for performance, flexibility, and durability for long-life performance. As business changes over time, our standardized components can be reconfigured to match future production needs.

Our technological advances include standardized and modular (able to perform various heat treating applications) induction heating equipment with advanced communication, control, and programming features in multiple power and frequency ranges.

To confirm the induction heating meets our customers’ requirements, Radyne maintains a permanently staffed Induction Process Engineering Center (IPEC) with a wide selection of state-of-the-art equipment for use in heating trials on small batches of customer parts. Customers can also bring us their application and through IPEC, our team will perform the necessary process feasibility tests.