Pipe & Tube Processing

Pipe and tube processing is a very broad industry that has many different uses for heat. Induction technology offers fast, consistent, compact, and clean solutions for heating pipes.

In-line Tube Annealing

Tube Annealing is usually performed post-drawing in order to ensure the desired metallurgical properties are achieved such as ductility or hardness. Annealing is also performed in between drawing stages in order to allow the tube to be drawn down further without increasing the hardness and causing the tube to become brittle. When performing the annealing process, it is of the utmost importance that temperature consistency is maintained along the entire length. Induction technology offers a compact, continuous, and highly accurate solution that fits directly into your production line.

Many tubing materials are compatible with induction including:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Beryllium Copper
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Nitinol
  • And more
Tube Annealing Hot Shot

Tube Bright Annealing

Bright annealing is done in a controlled atmosphere in order to avoid oxidation and eliminate any cleaning processes required further down the line. An inert gas such as nitrogen or boron is used to push oxygen out of the heating chamber and prevent oxides from forming. For long runs, the tubing is also usually pressurized with gas in order to avoid oxides forming on the inside of the tube. Induction technology is the ideal solution for this process because it is highly adaptable to controlled atmosphere environments. Induction Coils can be placed inside or outside of the controlled atmosphere because the magnetic field is able to permeate through many different materials.

Innovative Continuous Product Handling Solutions

An important requirement of a continuous line application is the accuracy of the output power regulation. Radyne’s VersaPower®-Xtreme™ and TFD™ power supplies are equipped with the new and innovative Digital-iQ™ Control technology. This high-speed Control is 100% digital offering extremely precise and fluid regulation of power. Digital-iQ™ Control technology also offers advanced communication, control, and programming features that make monitoring, recipe storage, and management quick and easy.

Induction Pipe Heating

Renowned across the gas and pipe processing industries, Radyne Pipe and Tube Coating Systems are globally acknowledged for their ability to provide the highest levels of quality and performance in induction pipe heating, pipe coating, heat treatment and preparation applications.

Radyne provides proven mobile pipe heating technology suitable for field deployments. Whether on a lay vessel, or over the ditch, Radyne induction pipe heating systems are ideally suited for preheating for welding, coating, and stress relief.

In concert with the pipe processing industry’s continual drive to reduce operational timescales, breakdowns, interruptions, failures and costs, across the field joint coating arena in particular, Radyne has developed specialized fixed and portable solutions for use on land, at sea, and in some of the world’s most inhospitable locations.

Radyne can design, manufacture and supply complete fixed and portable coating systems for both on and offshore installations around the world. Often tailored to meet particular requirements, Radyne solutions can be self-contained to include generator sets where applicable.

Radyne can supply complete installations for specific processes incorporating induction power supplies, heating coils, controls, automatic powder applicators, and cooling systems. Where necessary, these systems can be fully installed into containers for both onshore and offshore operations, with only mains services being required. With quality and reliability a key feature of every application, Radyne also supplies Low Magnetic Signature (LMS) coils for use in sensitive environments.

Radyne - Line Pipe Heating System

Onshore Induction Pipe Heating

Onshore based applications include tube bright annealing, line pipe preheating prior to coating, and pipe-end heating. Induction heating provides a fast, efficient means of drying off surface moisture from pipes, with equipment usually installed prior to the shot blasting process.

Offshore Induction Pipe Heating

Radyne offshore systems revolve around field joint processing, with a series of induction systems utilized for heating and coating of field joints on pipe laying vessels.

Radyne Containerized Offshore Pipe Heater
Containerised Offshore Pipe Heaters
MERLIN Field Joint Heating Coating
Field Joint Heaters & Coating
Radyne Offshore Clam Coil
Offshore Clam Coils

Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment

Fundamental to the process of butt welding, to ensure the integrity of the welded joint, the Radyne induction heat process provides the perfect method of heating pipes to the correct temperature within closed limits. Suitable for end heat, interpass heating and “stress relieve” post heating of welding joints, Radyne can supply fixed or opened coils. For many metal forming processes, induction heating delivers the precise controlled heat that allows for efficient and accurate heat treating and forming of rod, tube, bar and other metal parts.

Radyne Line Pipe Heating System
Line Pipe Heating System