Electric Motor Assembly

Every year millions of electric motors for the world’s most demanding applications are assembled with Radyne Electric Motor Assembly Machines

Radyne Electric Motor Assembly machines deliver high volume production of motor components consumed in HVAC, Robotics, Electric Vehicles, Heavy Equipment, and Transportation products just to name a few. A wide array of Industries from consumer durables and construction through to aerospace are served by Radyne Electric Motor Assembly machines. Radyne offers Full-Turnkey Integrated Motor Rotor and Stator assembly cells to Electric Motor Manufacturers, and Induction Power Supplies, Induction Tooling, and Cooling Systems to integrators.

Electric Motor Assembly Machine Options include:

  • Storage for Multiple Process recipes
  • Custom tooling
  • Process Signature Monitoring and Recording
  • Robotic Integration, load and unload options
  • Conveyor, Pick and Place, and Rotary in and Outfeed options

Radyne Electric Motor Assembly machines provide repeatable high volume assembly trusted for today’s demanding transportation, robotic, industrial, and consumer applications.

Parts made from any metal can be assembled: steel to steel, steel to copper, aluminum to steel, magnesium to steel, etc. Usually, the temperatures involved in heating for expansion are low to avoid changes in metallurgical structure. In practice, the operation is simple, requiring minimal preparation of surfaces, and no cleaning after assembly. Since the securing force is mechanical, superficial oxidation or tarnishing does not interfere, avoiding any need for the use of flux. Parts assembled by shrink fitting can be disassembled by selectively heating components. This procedure is especially suitable for induction heating with its rapid heating rate and accuracy, permitting replacement of worn parts or correction of alignment.

Induction heating offers unique advantages in shrink fitting. Heating may be localized, providing sufficient expansion locally for a shrink-fit without heating a whole large casting or carefully machined component which minimizes distortion. This rapid, selective heating and cooling also facilitate the disassembly of shrink-fitted components. Induction heating provides a flameless, fast, repeatable process that can be incorporated into production lines with minimal material handling and easy automation integration. Click here to learn more about shrink fitting and Effective Ways of Joining Using Induction Heating Technology.

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