Voyager®-Mini™ Hand-Held Induction Heating System

Radyne’s innovative new Voyager®-Mini™ hand-held induction heating system is designed for use in tight spaces. For brazing, soldering, heating, drying, coating and heat shrink, the Voyager®-Mini™ moves the assembly line directly to the finished assembly (read more about Effective Ways of Joining Using Induction Heating Technology).

The power of mobility

  • Provide the power of induction to “hard-to-reach” areas
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Mobile or Benchtop Configurations
  • Mounting Options – Fixed, Counter Balanced or Hand Held
  • Safety Designed in – Complies with NFPA 79 and NEC Article 665
  • Available with integrated chiller system for maximum flexibility – just add power

Control you can count on

  • Repeatability with “standard” heating recipes
  • Convenient integrated “trigger” for ease of use
  • Can run in manual and recipe operation modes
  • 0 to 100% adjustable power levels for precise results
  • Easy to program recipes
  • Standard or part specific coils available for multiple applications

Put out the flame

  • Remove torches or open flame in the workplace
  • No necessity for highly trained operators
  • Great for confined space applications
  • Stop inventorying, moving or paying for gas cylinders
  • Eliminate need for Carbon Monoxide (CO) venting

Improve efficiency

  • Put the heat only where required
  • Faster, repeatable and high quality results
  • Easily trained workforce – Just push a button
  • No part sooting
  • Use pre-programed recipes or change on the fly

Built in technology

  • Designed with Radyne’s proven VersaPower® Xtreme™ Power supply
  • Equipped with intuitive, high speed Digital iQ™ control platform
  • Capability to store thousands of recipes
  • Programmable full or ramped-up power for unbeatable accuracy
  • Assure quality by real-time, monitoring of power level, and system parameters

Available add-on technology

  • Radyne’s Digital iQ™ for Desktop software
  • Simplified keyboard recipe creation
  • Remotely connect up to 10 VersaPower® Xtreme™ power supplies
  • Single password protected location for all process recipes
  • Real time Monitoring and tracking of parameters
  • Logging, exporting and printing of data for product traceability

Voyager Mini™ Portable Hand-Held Induction Heating Mobile package includesHandheld Mini banner

  • Voyager®-Mini™ – Handheld Transformer
  • VersaPower® Xtreme™ Power Supply
  • Closed loop Cooling System
  • Assist Lift and Swing Arm
  • Power and Water Cables
  • Manuals
  • Optional Induction Coils

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