Voyager® Handheld Induction Units

Voyager® handheld Induction units are designed for ease of use and packaged in an industrial-grade, ergonomic, easy to handle case. The lighter and more efficient Voyager® units are built to streamline your processes. Saving costs on equipment, energy, and cooling requirements.

Voyager® handheld units are ideal for Brazing, Soldering, Heating, Drying, Coating, and Heat Shrinking applications. These units offer maximum mobility with a lightweight handheld transformer that lets you put the heat right where you need it. Voyager® systems include one of our handheld induction transformers, a VersaPower-Xtreme™ power supply, and custom coils. Hanheld transformers are offered in Mini, Micro, and Nano sizes to best suit your process.