Induction Scanners

What is an Induction Scanner?

An induction scanner is an extremely versatile machine that uses induction heating technology to perform heat-treating processes along the length of a part. You can think of these like kind of like the scanner on a copy machine except instead of scanning a picture you are scanning heat across a part.

Scanners can be used for just about any process requiring the heating of a conductive material. Here are some of the most common, and best-suited applications of this technology.

  • Scan Hardening
  • Case Hardening
  • Complex Harden & Temper Operations
  • Localized Annealing
  • Automated Brazing
  • Shrink Fitting
  • Heat Staking

ScanMaster™ Induction Scanners

ScanMaster™ induction scanners are designed to accommodate a variety of heat treating processes for a wide range of part weights, lengths, and shapes. Radyne ScanMaster™ systems can handle parts ranging from under an ounce and shorter than an inch to over 5000lbs and 120 inches in length.

A typical ScanMaster™ induction scanner includes the scanner base, scanning tower, power supply, Induction coil, standard guarding, safety light curtains, ScanMaster™ (Motus) controls package, and configurable water & quench cooling systems.

ScanMaster™ induction scanners are modularly designed so that components can be modified or swapped out as production needs change.

Radyne currently offers four different versions of our ScanMaster™ System. Our smallest Is the ScanMaster™ 28 which can accommodate parts up to 28 inches long and up to 75lbs. Our Largest is the ScanMaster™ 120 boasting an impressive 120-inch scan length and 5,000 lbs weight capacity. Browse our ScanMaster™ systems below and see why Radyne scanners are trusted by manufacturers around the world.

FlexScan™ Pop-Up Scanners

FlexScan™ pop-up scanners are similar to our line of ScanMaster™ systems with the main difference being that FlexScan™ trades a scanning tower for one or multiple spindles that extend up from the bottom of the quench basin. Pop-up scanners are advantageous for manufacturers that need a cost-effective system with a compact footprint.

The operator’s interface features a full-color HMI display with embedded controls. The ScanMaster™ (Motus) controls package can optionally be fitted to these systems as well for increased controllability of your process.

Radyne Currently offers FlexScan™ in two sizes. The FlexScan™ 12 is our most popular. It features a 12-inch pop-up scan length and 75lb weight capacity. The FlexScan™ 36 features a larger quench tank, 36-inch pop-up scan length, and 2,500lb weight capacity. Brouse our FlexScan™ line up below and see why Radyne is trusted by manufacturers all over the world.