Induction Wire Heating

June 10th, 2021


Induction wire heating is effective for a wide range of Wire Heat Treating Processes, ranging from dull to bright annealing, hardening, and tempering for spring wire to wire diffusion and coating.

Dull Annealing with Induction

Radyne Induction heating equipment is used for a variety of dull annealing applications including process annealing of carbon steels, and annealing of austenitic stainless, aluminum, copper, brass nitinol, and others, etc.

Bright Annealing with Induction

When a clean, bright finish is required, Radyne induction heating equipment incorporates a controlled atmosphere zone to eliminate oxidation as the heating process is performed.  This technique is used for a variety of dull annealing applications including bright process annealing of carbon and non-austenitic steels, and bright annealing of austenitic stainless, aluminum, copper, brass nitinol and others etc.

A typical Radyne’s induction bright annealing system may include: 

  • Induction Power Supply with line speed input to regulate power with line speed variation
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Integrated HMI Recipe Controller
  • Controlled Atmosphere Systems including Heating and Quenching Chambers
  • Cooling systems
  • Payoff
  • Straighteners
  • Draw blocks
  • Pinch Roll or Tractor Drive Sub-systems
  • Sheer
  • Take ups
  • Scrap discharge bins

Each component plays a critical role in ensuring process success. Annealing systems can accept line speeds ranging from 5FPM to 400FPM or higher depending upon the application. 

Controlled Atmosphere Systems can optionally be fitted with an atmosphere controller including oxygen, and hydrogen monitoring the ensure that the atmosphere is within setpoints. Software-controlled automatic purging is included to ensure that the oxygen is out of the chamber before the product enters. Radyne Wire Systems are optionally equipped with a temperature control system and interface to an infrared pyrometer. 

Spring Wire Heating / Induction Temper aka IT Wire Lines

Radyne is the natural choice for your spring wire production needs with its mature, reliable lines optionally processing 7mm to 17mm diameter wire at 1.5T to 3T per hour with continuous production. The Radyne Spring Wire IT Line is capable of high capacity production with a full turn-key solution designed to harden & temper spring wire using the highly efficient technology of induction heating.

Designed to process high carbon spring steels such as SAE9254 and equivalents, typical finished properties are tensile strengths of 2000MP with a ductility of more than 40% ROA.

The most efficient, controllable, and repeatable process of its type, its environmental credentials are also world-leading. Minimal fumes and almost zero exhaust gases, hot water washing system without detergents. Water quench systems without the use of polymers or oils make this a “green” option when compared to the more traditional Oil Tempered process.

Induction wire heating is an ideal solution for many long or continuous products. Ranging from heating ribbons, rebar, long shafts, screws, and tube. Reach out to speak to a specialist today! 


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