Radyne Heat Treating Systems

Increase your part durability and performance!  

Since 1943 Radyne has been building induction heating systems and equipment for the global heat treat industry.  Radyne has proven itself a consistent leader in the development of specialized machines for Hardening, Tempering, and Annealing for a wide variety of parts. Radyne has the experience and the technology to get the job done right, the first time, with repeatable, quality results that last.

Work side by side with our process development experts to prove out your application. 
Robotic Automation of Heat Treating with ScanMaster
See at right, one of Radyne's fully automated heat treating systems featuring a robot to load and unload parts to and from the ScanMaster  integrated induction scanning system with integrated quench.

Radyne's new automated heat treat scanning cell improved my part performance overallby over 40% and by some specs up to 300%! Radyne's process also eliminated the warping that used to occur from furnace heat treating; saving us tremendously on our production costs by removing the process to straighten
the parts, said one corporate technology manager for a major hand tool manufacturer, We've gone from worst in class to best in class, Radyne's heat treat solutions have taken us far beyond the performance of our competition.

Radyne provides induction power supplies, coils, single, dual,
and multi-axis induction scanners, conveyor, rotary, and fully automated robotic systems, and resistance heating systems for heat treating. Click on the links at left to get more details on each of our product lines for induction heat treating.